The Company authorizes User to download and use Gstudiovect content under the terms of this section (see Section 7 in respect of third party content and sponsored content). The Company and its licensors reserve all rights to the content of Gstudiovect which is not expressly endorsed in this License to User.

The Company authorizes the User in a non-transferable, limited, non-discriminatory manner and globally for the duration of the relevant rights; download, use and modify Gstudiovect content, on a device that the user only controls or controls for the purposes and uses of these Terms.

A user can use Gstudiovect content content as long as:
1. Does not include shared use;
2. Gstudiovect Content is not used in a manner that promotes affiliation or endorsement by the Company or the website;
3. The content of Gstudiovect content or any work from other sources is not used or included (in whole or in part) in a database, archive or any other media product / stock, collection, clip set, or library, for distribution or resale or use in any other way that may prevent or restrict future visits or downloads to the Website;
4. It does not resell, redistribute, transfer or imprint minor content on Gstudiovect Content or any work derived from Gstudiovect Content;
5. Does not apply Gstudiovect content to printed or electronic content (eg T-shirts, cups, postcards, birthday or greeting cards, invitations, calendars, web or electronic devices, applications, video names, advertising locations, sculptures) are intended to be resold, where Gstudiovect content is the main element (due to size, relevance or other cause, in case there is any doubt that the content is the main element, it will be regarded as content element);
6. It does not use Gstudiovect content (in whole or in part) in any trademark, logo or part thereof, which may be used in any other way to verify or suggest warranty for any product and / or service, unless the Gstudiovect content used in such circumstances is altered. to be a new and different content that is confusingly different from the original Gstudiovect content or that means the use of Gstudiovect content content as a template or test, and not as a storage object or tool;
7. Do not use any Gstudiovect content that may be considered offensive, offensive, obscene, immoral or illegal, including, without limitation, using it in a way that disqualifies any person from Gstudiovect Content in a derogatory manner or in any way that they may find offensive. pornography, promotional ads or similar services, political authorization, birth control products, and;
8. It does not use any Gstudiovect content content to defame, defame or defame a person, race, gender, culture, religion, country, region, city, town or elsewhere.

If any Gstudiovect content is marked or identified as an editing tool, or where there are logos, visual effects, public buildings, public events or photos taken in the background, User will only be entitled to use it for such editing use. In such cases, User promises not to use the content in any way that includes advertising, marketing or marketing of any product or service. The User shall be liable directly and the Company shall not incur any liability for the use of the commercial purposes by User of any Gstudiovect content, which in accordance with this section shall be for the use of the editor only.
Authorization to use Gstudiovect Content Content will be free as long as any Gstudiovect user-generated Content Content Use is submitted to the Company / Website as specified by the Company from time to time. In order to benefit from the Service or to use Gstudiovect Content without the consent of the Company / Website, User must purchase a subscription (herein, "Subscriptions") from the Website and download Gstudiovect content for the duration of any such subscription. The terms in Section 9 will apply to the purchase of a subscription.

User may not authorize any third party to use Gstudiovect content (or any modification of any Gstudiovect content). As an alternative to the ban, User may allow third parties to use Gstudiovect content, where the following conditions are met:

1. A third party properly directs the User to produce goods or provide services to him and the User uses a limited number of items within Gstudiovect content content to produce such goods or to provide services to the third party tutor;
2. Authorization granted by User to third parties is written and complies with all User Authorization limitations for the use of Gstudiovect content and includes, without limitation, third party restrictions on distributing, reselling or licensing Gstudiovect content-related content (e.g. third party is end user. of relevant Gstudiovect content);
3. No Gstudiovect content is subject to authorization used as the main content (due to size, relevance or other cause; in case you doubt that the content is the main content, it will be regarded as the main content) in printed or electronic products (e.g. t-shirts, cups, postcards, birthday or greeting cards, invitations, calendars, web models or electronic devices, apps, video names, promotional sites, visual animations) intended for third-party resale


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